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Do you want to finally cycle painless?
It's possible — with a recumbent bike!

Can you imagine biking around on a three wheel or two wheel recumbent bike or a velomobile? A recumbent bike or trike provides superior comfort and unrivaled ergonomics.You will have no hurts in the back, neck and hands, if you choose a recumbent bike or trike. Our custom trikes, the Steintrikes, offer not only a high level of comfort, but also the necessary driving fun due to their unique chassis. The achievable cornering speeds are at the highest level. We can meet almost every customer requirement, because we are one of the few recumbent manufacturers who manufacture their products exclusively in Europe: design, prototype construction, frame production, sandblasting, powder coating, final assembly and sales, all under one roof. The brand Steintrikes has revolutionized the market for trikes. The light steel frame with its double wishbone axle makes driving fun pure on any way, no matter how bad it may be. The products Mad Max, Mungo, Wild One, our Speedster / FS, as well as the Velomobile Thunderstorm, Leitra Avancee and Interceptor were introduced to the market with Thomas Seide and Robert Stein as the designers and with Viktor Horvatski as production manager.

Further recumbent bikes or velomobiles

In addition we also offer the most popular recumbent bikes in Europe: Hase Bikes, HP Velotechnik, ICE Trikes, Flux und Räderwerk.