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Wild One 20/28,29

The Wild One by Bike Revolution, our fastest fully-trike trike, offers the highest comfort and unique safety reserves. The suspension way on all three wheels is 100 mm. This high-speed chassis is the reference among the fully-sprung trikes. The contact point or the spur width remains unchanged during the compression. No tire is radically crosswise to the direction of travel, nothing prevents the forward thrust. The suspension is adapted to each customer by 10 different spring hardnesses. In the big city jungle you can ride over 50 mm vertical edges with full throttle, without the driver feeling something. This unique chassis reacts extremely sensitively to any kind of obstacle. Whether gullies, gravel, roots or badly lowered curbs. The Double Wishbone front axle simply swallows everything away. Even if e.g. In the forest a large ground wave at high speed and the trike with it, the progressively designed front axle suspension puts the landing away, without the chassis through it. No other trike offers more suspension comfort and this unique handling. The low seat height of 23 cm in conjunction with 79 cm Spurbreite allow very high cornering tempi. It comes with Kartfeeling, but paired with the comfort of a Rolls Royce.

You love lonely forest rides, on unpaved roads. Then the Wild One 20/28 or 20/29 is your trike. The new 29 "rear swingarm offers a suspension way of 110mm. In combination with the 28" or 29" tunnel tire the Wild One 20/28 or 20/29 offers a maximum traction on bad roads. Where other trikes get stuck, the Wild One simply goes over it. 

For your luggage we offer you our handmade lowrider carrier. You can take 20 l luggage with you. The unique Dragstar look gives the Wild One the opportunity to be wild and fast. The driving performance is indiscrable. 

Test the Wild One and you will understand why more and more people choose it. The Wild One can be perfectly adapted to every customer, thanks to different seat models and seat heights. If you want to like a Wild One we will to help you to find the best configuration and then we will build the trike of your dreams.

The price list can be found under Downloads!


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