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Nomad 20/20,26


The zippy trekking trike

The rear wheel suspension, with 75mm spring extension, enables comfortable headway and increases traction. By fitting our large touring rack, 5 panniers can be carried. We have developed the No-Waste design, so that your vital energy can be transferred to the rear wheel without any loss. The 100mm large return pulley sits exactly on the pivot point and ensures a near 100% uncoupling of the drive train from the suspension system. For long trips, simply fit our extra large pannier rack, which is mounted on the frame, so that even fully loaded, the comfort of the suspension is not impaired.

Our Nomad combines speed and comfort.

The Nomad with its 20" or 26" wheels has the advantage of extra narrow (55 mm) front wheel hubs. This gives the Nomad an even smaller frontal area, due to the 65.5 mm narrow track width and the low overall height. By lowering the centre of gravity, it moves in a more sporty way and a higher cornering and top speed can be reached.

Test the Nomad 20/20 or 20/26! Nomad can be perfectly adapted to the customer, thanks to different seat models. If you want to like a Nomad we will to help you to find the best configuration and then we will build the recumbent bike of your dreams.

The price list can be found under Downloads!

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