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More comfort, more freedom, more fun ..

The Mungo is a very comfortable, fully trike. It is structurally identical with the Mad Max, but with a track width increased by 7cm. With this track width, the spring extension is also increased to a remarkable 80mm. Regardless of the condition of the surface on which you are riding, you will not feel any bumps with the Mungo Sport. The unique, well sprung chassis reacts extremely sensitively to any kind of obstacle - edges of drains, gravel, plant roots or uneven curbs.
The double wishbone front axle simply absorbs everything. For example, even if you ride at a high speed over a big bump in the woods and the trike lifts up, the rising-rate suspension absorbs the landing, without penetrating the chassis. No other trike offers more suspension comfort and this unique handling. The low seat height together with the 76.5cm track width enables the trike to achieve high cornering speeds. There is a feeling of being in a go-kart but it comes with the comfort of a Rolls Royce.
The Mungo will be fit with: 20 inch front wheels and 20 inch back wheel.
We offer you different equipment possibilities, e.g., circuit choose, colour choice, lighting system and a lot more, with the special Mesh Seat with 40 cm seat high
With a very small turning circle of just 3m, the Mungo make a very good companion for every situation.

Test the Mungo! The Mungo can be perfectly adapted to the customer, thanks to different seat models. If you want to like a Mungo we will to help you to find the best configuration and then we will build the recumbent bike of your dreams.

The price list can be found under Downloads!

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