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Milan SL Carbon

Milan mit Fahrer

The Milan SL is the further development of the Milan MK 2.The new Milan SL allows smaller to medium-sized riders to drive the Milan SL, because the chassis is better adapted to their performance. The Milan SL handles all the successful features of the Milan MK 2 and converts them accordingly. Careful flow tests and scientific measurements conducted by our irreplaceable expert in aerodynamics, Eggert Bülk, have also made the Milan SL unrivaled in driving . Thanks to its good aerodynamics, the Milan SL achieves high speeds with very little energy.

The Milan SL achieves the following speeds:

45,4 km/h bei 116.5 Watt
50.0 km/h bei 134.5 Watt
54.8 km/h bei 158.0 Watt
60.0 km/h bei 185.0 Watt

Very much emphasis was placed on safety. Scenarios such as frontal impact, lateral multiple overlaps and rear impact played a major role. The extremely rigid headgear protrudes well beyond the level of the head and prevents the head from striking the road as a roll-over protection.

Everyday life

A tevlon chain tube protects chain and the pulleys. This means that dirt and small parts are not caught in the vehicle interior by the chain. Good visibility in the rain and dark? This works with the quick-adjustable visor of the Milan SL roof without problems. Through a small gap, air flows into the inside of the visor and reliably prevents fogging. The visor disc of the Milan roof cover is relatively steep, so that the visibility through the disc is sufficient even in case of wetness and glare. In everyday life, however, there are also situations where you need immediate visibility, for example, when the snowmobile is flinging on the vehicle or when the snowfall is damp. Then, the Milan visor can be easily pushed upwards from the inside during the ride, so that free visibility under the visor becomes possible.


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