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Mad Max Evo 4

The fast touring and all-round trike with full suspension

Now the Mad Max is on the market! Thereby we could raise the feather way on 90 mm. No matter whether you drive now above badly lowered kerbs or above bad forest ways the chassis is very comfortable and you can enjoy to drive tricycle. Also forest ways are not the problem to drive, because you have a ground clearance of 13 cm.
With a tropic of 4.40 m and a trace width of 79 cm it is an ideal companion for town journeys and holiday trips. A further advantage of the track width, combined with the low seat height of 23,5 cm and the high position of the pedal bearing, is the very small frontal area. With this, you can achieve a high top speed. You travel faster and more comfortably than with a normal three wheeler.
With the possiblity to fold the trike, it is possible to stow the trike in a small car in no time. If you are travelling by air, pull the rear assembly out of the main frame and the whole trike can be stowed in a two wheeler bike container.
To maintain the main frame geometry for all variations, the rear shock absorbers can be installed in different positions.

Test the Mad Max Evo 4. The Mad Max Evo 4 can be perfectly adapted to the customer, thanks to different seat models. If you are want to like a Mad Max Evo 4 we will to help you to find the best configuration and then we will build the recumbent bike of your dreams.

The price list can be found under Downloads!

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Mad Max Evo4 versus Wild One
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