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Leitra Avancee

Leitra front

The Leitra Avencee, the velomobile
Leitra = lighter, more customised transport

After the second oil crisis, Carl Georg Rassmussen, former head of a technical research department, flow technician and sports pilot, developed the concept of the Leitra. This three wheeler design is globally unique.

Thomas Seide took over the production and further development of the Leitra in 2008 and is now introducing the new Leitra Avancee.
The velomobile consists of a light, high-strength, steel tubular frame, in conjunction with light, carbon leaf springs at the front. At the rear, a sturdy tubular swing arm is used in conjunction with an oil damping suspension strut with a spring extension of 75mm. The suspension strut is easily accessible and can be adjusted in seconds to the desired additional load.

The tubular frame is fitted round the driver, protects the driver and at the same time carries the fairing. Using a 25cm adjustable pedal mounting post, different sized people can drive. The fully sprung, uncovered three wheeler only weighs 19.5kg. By attaching the full fairing you get a 29kg, light (honest actual weight) bike that you can ride all year round. The whole fairing can be mounted or demounted in approx. 2 minutes.

To get in or out easily, the front hood can be opened towards the front. There are no contortions or gymnastics required, as is the case with some other velomobiles.

In contrast to other designs, the window panes have purposely been kept small, so that you can drive around in the summer when it is warm (very little heating up). This is because the fairing has adjustable ventilation openings and there is a separate ventilation duct for the front windscreen, which very effectively prevents condensation (rain, winter).

Even at night, in driving rain and oncoming cars, thanks to the close, toughened windscreen and windscreen wipers, you have perfect vision through the glass. Your vision is perfect, without any annoying struts. There, just where you cannot see diagonally behind you, the convex roof rear-view mirror’s range begins – there are no blind spots.

There are several storage spaces underneath and behind the driver, which offer a total volume of ca. 100 litre.
The Leitra Avancee moves much more quickly than a normal bike. Even with a headwind, it doesn’t slow down as quickly as a normal bike. With unusually good aerodynamics and the long, pointed tail (drop shaped), if there is a side wind (or diagonally from the front), you get the “sail effect”, that impels the velomobile forward.
Thanks to a turning circle of just 4.8m, it is completely suitable for town. So you can use the Leitra Avancee for very different purposes, e.g. to go shopping, a road trip, for the daily journey to work and for holidays.

The sail effect (Darius) supports the driver in a headwind of up to a 45° angle. For the first time, the wind is the biker’s friend. If there is a light headwind, the Leitra Avancee goes a little faster than if there is no wind at all, and in strong winds, you imagine you have a built-in engine. In the film of the Leitra Avancee, you can see how the vehicle accelerates from
0-20km/h. This sail effect can be seen in the open, but not in built up areas.

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