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Just like our other products, the Interceptor is a modular design. This means that you can buy a Wild One, fit it with an aerodynamic fairing and enjoy the advantages of the Interceptor. This completely new development is unique in the world of velomobiles and combines speed with comfort. The aerodynamic fairing fits snugly around the driver and has an optimum small frontal area. The driver sits in the same reclining position as for the ‘naked‘ Wild One, so that the normal pedalling position can be maintained. The completely enclosed structure gives 100% protection to the biker from every weather condition - wind, rain, hail or snow.

The windscreen offers unobstructed, all-round vision, without any distracting stanchions. So that the panes do not get misted up in high humidity, the vehicle has an effective ventilation system using specially designed air ducts. The inlet is positioned at the front between the raised areas of the foot rest circle. At the rear is the U-shaped air duct. Thus the whole pane is kept free of condensation. In warm temperatures there is ample cool, fresh air flowing around, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The aerodynamically integrated roof rear-view mirror rounds off the perfect all-round vision and ensures safe assessment of any traffic situation behind you. Even under the most difficult conditions, such as, for example, when it’s raining in the night, the mirror remains dry and there is no glare. We have used every inch of the narrow full fairing, so that you can take plenty of luggage with you. The whole tail, right up to underneath the driver’s seat, has been kitted out as an enclosed luggage compartment. This can even be obtained and used individually. It provides approx. 100 litres stowage. Furthermore, the full fairing offers more features.

On longer uphill gradients the speed reduces to under 20km/h. An enclosed vehicle heats up quickly when moving slowly and with higher energy levels. This leads to a rapid decline in performance through overheating and dehydration. IC solves this with its ingenious design for climbing in and out of the velomobile. The whole of the upper part of the full fairing opens out as an aluminium, parallelogram shaped frame, in a gentle arc towards the front. The front hood can be fixed in the open position and you can then climb the mountains completely in the open and soak up the fresh air.

A further advantage is the simple, easy way to climb in and good access to the motor for easy adjusting and servicing. You can get the right leg length in just a few seconds by pushing the pedal post in or pulling it out. The chain length is automatically adjusted via special pulleys. The driver then sits on the pilot’s seat, simply grips the lateral ends of the handle bars, puts his feet on the magnetic pedals, pulls the front hood over and off he goes. With a few powerful pushes, the IC quickly accelerates to over 40km/h. The fairing cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. Together with our Wild One chassis and reasonable ground clearance of the full fairing, you can travel over large obstacles quickly and safely, e.g. the edge of cycle paths, frost cracks, potholes, speed bumps .

The double wishbone front axle reacts extremely sensitively to every change in the road surface and provides an enormous spring extension of 75mm and camber angle control of the sprung wheel. This high tech chassis originates from motor sport. The tail suspension with a 75mm hub, combined with our special motor pulley arrangement, known as the NoWaste design, prevents any impact from the motor on the suspension. The comfort and efficiency of this NoWaste design have been completely optimised. Come and test the fastest, all-round velomobile and you will be biking much more than ever before.


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