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Handtrike Mad Max


More comfort, more freedom, more fun ...

We have the Chassis of the Mad Max Evo 4 combined with the drive for a hand trike.

The height of the crank can be adjusted for each driver, so every driver has its correct sitting position and the legs are very relaxed in the foot holders. The foot holders are made of the same material of the our mesh seats.
The steering system works as follows: when the driver moves the crank to the left then it moves to the left, also the same to the right side. The turning circle is about 4,90 m.
The basic version of the hand trike is equipped with a Sram Dual Drive II 24 Gg, where we also offer an optional E engine. We offer you different equipment possibilities, e.g., circuit choose, colour choice, lighting system and a lot more.

Test the Handtrike Mad Max Evo 4! TheHandtrike can be perfectly adapted to the customer. If you want to like a Handtrike we will to help you to find the best configuration and then we will build the recumbent bike of your dreams.

The price list can be found under Downloads!

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