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Bikee BOS 36V

For 2 years, we have been installing the BikeE hub motor with gearbox and freewheel system with great success. This supports much stronger with up to 900 watts on the mountain.
The engine hub weighs only 2.6 kg and you have already from 3 km / h true 50 NM.
The large color display is easy to read and easy to use. This system has a fully integrated in the bottom bracket torque sensor.
When switched off, you do not notice the E system negatively, the engine is completely decoupled. The system has 36V and a large 590Wh or 700Wh battery (Samsung or Panasonic). The full throttle kilometer range in the strongest stage, Level 6, is approximately 70 km (590 Wh).

To order: 250W rated power limited to 25km or open (final speed from 33 to 38 km / h, depending on rear wheel size)
                             500W nominal power limited up to 25 km or open (final speed of 33 to 38 km / h, depending on rear wheel size)

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