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About us

The Bike Revolution and Steintrikes Historie

In 2004, the partnership between Bike Revolution and Steintrikes began. Up to that point, Steintrikes had only built a handful of frames. In order to improve the quality and technology, Thomas Seide of Bike Revolution and Viktor Horvatski took over the running of all of the Steintrike production.

From then on, Thomas Seide developed the prototype into a product ready for mass production. Our aim was to make a modular design, so that the customer could, for example, change a two wheeler into a three wheeler using a new central frame. Initially we redesigned the Nomad, Magnum Tandem, Roadshark and Alien and developed our recumbent two wheelers. The Speedster and Speedster fs are low racers but are suitable for touring as well as racing.

Thomas Seide then engineered his first fully sprung recumbent bike, the Mad Max. We decided to use the best suspension system from motor sport: double wishbones.

It is only with this design that you can achieve 100% control of the wheel camber, a sensitive response, an extremely long spring extension and a unique turning circle. Together with the front axle’s elaborate tubular framework, we became a top name for fully sprung trikes. We currently offer three different fully sprung three wheelers: the Mad Max, the Mungo and the Explorer. Just a year later, we developed the Thunderstorm velomobile, based on the Mad Max. With full suspension and a narrow track width, the TS is one of the most manoeuvrable and comfortable velomobiles on the market.
In addition, we were awarded the licence to build the Leitra. With our redesign came the Leitra Avancee, the successor to the Leitra Sport. This year, we introduced our new, fast velomobile, the Interceptor , based on the Mungo .

We are one of the few recumbent bike manufacturers, who manufacture their products exclusively in Europe. Our level of involvement in production is unique: it ranges from engineering, designing, welding, turning the return pulleys and the plain bearings, powder coating with our own powder coating equipment right up to the final assembly and sales of the recumbent bikes. In addition, we use a high-quality GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) lamination process. This makes our velomobile fairing one of the lightest on the market, e.g. Leitra Avancee weighs just 9kg.